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Rhino Beetles & Nutgrass

Rhino beetle

Nutgrass has the potential to grow up through your pool's bottom and penetrate its vinyl liner. Round-Up and other store-bought herbicides will not protect your vinyl liner from nutgrass. We offer a commercial grade herbicide specifically created for above ground pool vinyl liners. Your purchase of this herbicide automatically qualifies you for Full Metal Shovel's Limited Vegetation Growth Warranty.

Rhino Beetles begin as grub worms in the earth beneath your above ground pool. They later mature into beetles with a horn extending from their head, which can puncture your pool's vinyl liner. If you suspect that rhino larvae may be present in your yard, purchase Triacizide from your favorite home & garden supplier. We'll apply this insecticide for you at the appropriate stage of construction.

Another measure you can take to protect your pool's vinyl liner from nutgrass and rhino beetles is the purchase of a Gorilla Pad. Gorilla Pad is cut to fit the diameter of your above ground pool and is placed beneath the liner, where its thick material can prevent foreign objects from penetrating your liner's surface. If you would like a Gorilla Pad included in the installation of your above ground pool, contact us to schedule an installation date.

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